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Six stages to attain sexual nirvana

Get ready for sex

Not having sex on a regular basis can kill a relationship. Keep these tips handy and add some spark in your sex life…

Schedule sex
To ensure sex doesn’t fall off the priority chart, decide in advance when to make love. Then, just do it! It may sound unromantic, but it’s better to have a quickie session than none at all. 

Be appreciative
Showing appreciation regularly not only makes you feel better about yourself, it gives a romantic boost to your relationship. It takes you back in time, when you spent time appreciating and adoring your partner. 

Share housework
Housework can be a source of niggling arguments. So divide the jobs, and together work out who does what and when. This cuts out resentment – one of the single biggest reasons why women stop wanting sex. 

Bedroom spunk
De-clutter the bedroom. Make the bed look inviting, use scented candles and put up pictures of just the two of you. Ban laptops, TV and everything work related. 

Have a good argument
Voicing a disagreement prevents any resentment from building up, but a blame game is a no-no. Once this is done, move on and keep the past where it belongs! 

Go dancing
Just turn on some music and dance. Dancing flushes the human system with dopamine, which means you feel happier and the happiness is further carried to the bedroom.

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