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12 Most Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Accounts Safe Online

Who knew ten years ago that you would need to remember so many passwords? A PIN for your bank account, personal email password, work computer log in: the list goes on & on. These suggestions will help to keep your online accounts as safe as possible.

1. Do not share your passwords

This is a common sense rule that is broken all the time. Please do not share your passwords with friends or family.

2. Don’t use simple words or phrases

Hackers have software that can generate common words even if you spell them backwards and add a number. Some of the most common passwords according to PC Magazine: password, 123456, qwerty, abc123, letmein, monkey, myspace1, password1, link182, (yourname). I hope your password isn’t in this list.

3. Don’t email your passwords to yourself or others

If hackers get your email, they will have access to all your accounts.

4. Use multiple passwords

Do not use the same password for all your accounts; again common sense. However, it is a common mistake.

5. Don’t log on to sensitive accounts on public WiFi

6. Don’t use personal details in your passwords

Names, birthdays, parts of addresses or pets names can all be easily guessed by someone who knows you.

7. Write your passwords down

But please keep them in a secure place!

8. Change your passwords every 3 months

9. An ideal password should be 14 characters long

To create a strong password, you can also use a random password generator such as PC Tools free Secure Password Generator.

10. Don’t use passwords that are easy to spot while you are typing them

11. Use capital letters, numbers and special characters in your password

12. How safe is your favorite password?

Check the strength of your password on this Microsoft page.

Do you have additional ideas for keeping your accounts safe? Please share!

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