People who spend most of their time online often get distracted by the huge range of online activities and applications vying to attract attention. Now, RescueTime, a company that creates time management and productivity software, has come up with a list of such online distractions.

When Google posted the classic game Pac-Man on its home page, it guzzled about 4.8 million hours of work time and 120 million dollars in lost productivity, as calculated by RescueTime, reports Montana Low, RescueTime senior software developer, said that the calculations give a view into how people spend time online.

Looking at his company’s data, he was able to determine the websites people tend to spend the most time on as well as the ones RescueTime software users said were the most distracting.

The list of the top 10 online distractions:

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. Facebook Applications

4. Twitter

5. Amazon

6. Hulu

7. Netflix

8. Flickr

9. Blogger

10. Reddit