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Buzzing vuvuzelas frustrate fans, players in FIFA Football World Cup 2010

If you are among those who are getting irritated with the buzzing background noise of the vuvuzelas during the Football World Cup 2010 matches, here is some good news – the FIFA World Cup 2010 organising committee is considering a ban on the plastic horn.

The vuvuzelas are blown from the start of the game to the end in the stadium as well as on the streets. Even though the noise of vuvuzelas has become a defining feature of the 19th football World Cup, it has managed to get on the nerves of many including players and coaches.

While broadcasting companies have raised a cry against the vuvuzelas as they are drowning out the commentary, the laymen football fans are turning to internet to vent out their frustration against the horns.

As many as 80,000 people have supported the banishment of vuvuzelas on Facebook. A website created for the purpose,, has received 74,239 votes already. Vuvuzelas are also the most talked about topic on microblogging site, Twitter.


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