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Tips for online dating

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Are you finding cyperspace a little cryptic when it comes to dating?

While millions of men at the end of a mouse might sounds like a treat, surfing the net for a new mate can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of online dating guru Rochelle Peachey to guide us through.

From uploading pictures to lying about your age, read on for her top do’s and don’ts….

1. Picture Perfect

You must upload a picture.

There is no point in writing a witty and exciting profile if there is no face for other’s to see. They will pass you by or wonder what you have to hide. Are you married, wanted by the police or lying about yourself?

Please make it a recent picture not one from 10 years ago where you had hair but now it’s waving bye bye, or where you were 2stone lighter.

Imagine your profile is like your personal web page. You need the best possible recent photograph of yourself. It is better to have just one, than a handful of mediocre shots.

Looks aren’t everything, but they are the first thing! So whatever you do, don’t just insert a photo because it is the only one you have!

Grab a friend for help, get someone to take a good photo and wait to upload until you know you have an attractive shot. All you really need is ONE.

2. Honesty is the best policy

Don’t lie (too much) about your age.

If you can’t bear saying you are 40 years old then say 39. But remember, it may come back to bite you.

If a woman wants to meet a tall man and you are 5ft 6, don’t lie about your height and think that she will be so taken with your charm and good looks she will fail to notice your stature, or lack of it.

3. Stay postive

Be positive, friendly and sincere. If you are just looking for a fling, say so. If it’s a long term romance you’re after put that in your profile.

But whatever you do, remember that negativity is the second worst trait in online dating.

4. Be specific

It’s OK to say you want to meet a slim woman or a tall man with hair, as long as you are not rude about it, you can describe the person you would like to have a relationship with without the fear of offending anyone.

5. Market yourself

Do not write a book for your profile, only enough to whet the reader’s appetite.

This is marketing pure and simple. Maybe you are not comfortable with that fact, but the people you are competing with absolutely are.

It is best to write a brainstorm version of what makes you tick and what you imagine life would be like with your ideal mate. Turn that into one brief paragraph.

It is easy to spot a new user because they write SO much. Let’s face it we are shopping here! We really do not want to read the ingredients of each and every item we are thinking of adding to the shopping trolley

6. Persevere

Your profile is not about getting responses, it’s about getting responses from the type of person you are attracted to.

Change your main picture and headline often to keep it fresh and interesting.

Don’t get despondent if you don’t click with someone straight away, remember sometimes the best is worth waiting for.

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