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Jamie Salmon’s Hyperrealistic Sculptures Gives Madame Tussaud A Run For Their Money

Incredible hyperrealistic sculptures from British born, Vancouver resident Jamie Salmon who specialises in photorealistic sculptures, utilizing materials such as silicone rubber, fibre glass, acrylic and human hair.

“I like to use the human form as a way of exploring the nature of what we consider to be “real” and how we react when our visual perceptions of this reality are challenged. In our modern society we have become obsessed with our outward appearance, and now with modern technology we are able to alter this in almost anyway we desire. How does this outward change affect us and how we are perceived by others? ” – Jamie Salmon

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Archos 7 Home Tablet up for pre-order, could ship first week of April

The first week of April is going to be a good one for prospective tablet owners. If a certain highly talked-about slate isn’t to your liking, it seems that Archos 7 Home Tablet we spent some time with earlier this month will soon be making its debut as well. Both (“usually ships in two weeks”) and (“soon”) have the 8GB model available for pre-order, for €180 and €200 (or about $240 and $270) respectively. Not the most stunning hardware, to be sure, but for less than $300 you can’t really complain. Hit the source link to see for yourself.


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Quote of the Day

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

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Quote of the Day

“God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons we could not learn in any other way. The way we learn those lessons is not to deny the feelings but to find the meanings underlying them.”

~ Stanley Lindquist (World War II hero and a pioneer in the field of psychology)

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Reflection Photography

Beautiful Reflection Photography

face dip

02drown in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

All my loving

01All My Loving in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

How to fit into a spoon

03spoon in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Bordeaux. Water mirror

04sea in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Real Joy

05bacha in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

King of the water

32king in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Michaelmas daisy dewdrop

13dew2 in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

eye of the beholder

15eye in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

olaf olafson

09girle in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Lime, chocolate and olive Vodka.

21vodka in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Mirror skies

10sky in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Half way through

19cherry in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

mirror mirror who is the fairest of em’ all

20tree in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Looking At The Future

24eyee in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Sunset Cocktail Hour Returns to the Terrace

30coctail in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

Mirror Image

31drop in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

A cat and nine lifes

08cat in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography


36reflection By Bora in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography


37violen in 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

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People’s addiction to networking sites(Facebook, Twitter) on rise: study

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A Facebook login page is seen on a computer screen in Chicago. File Photo: AP

People’s addiction to social networking sites is fast on the rise, according to a study which said an increasing number of Facebook and Twitter users check their accounts first thing in the morning while some look at their social media messages even while having sex.

The study conducted by consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo said 53 per cent of people surveyed check their Facebook/Twitter accounts as soon as they get up in the morning, even “before getting out of bed”. Nearly 31 per cent say “this is how I get my morning news“.

“What is it about social media that causes people to spend so much of their precious time trading information with friends, family and even giant corporations? Of course, we already know the answer; it is fun and can be rewarding both socially and financially,” Retrevo’s Director of Community & Content Andrew Eisner said.

The Gadgetology study asked consumers how they felt about being interrupted at various times and occasions for an electronic message. While 33 per cent said they did not mind being interrupted by message updates “during a meeting”, 76 per cent said they can take a break from their meal to check their accounts.

Seventeen per cent said they would read a message on Facebook or Twitter during sex, while 63 per cent said they would check out a message while in the toilet.

Thirty-four per cent of the respondents said they would check their social networking accounts first thing in the morning, before switching on the TV. About 30 per cent of those surveyed said they check or update their Facebook/Twitter accounts whenever they wake up in the night.

People under the age of 25 were more likely to lose sleep keeping an eye on their friends’ posts during the night, the study said. iPhone owners stand out in this study as more involved with social media. They use Facebook and Twitter more often and in more places.

“With over 31 per cent of social media users saying checking Facebook and Twitter first thing in the morning is how they get their morning “news”, could we be witnessing the first signs of social media services beginning to replace ’Good Morning America’ as the source for what’s going on in the world?” the study said.

In more evidence that social media is becoming addictive, 56 per cent of its users said they need to check Facebook at least once a day, while 29 per cent said they can go only a couple of hours without checking their accounts.

Thirty-five per cent said they have to check their accounts at least a few times in a day. The sample size for the survey was over 1000 people across the United States.

According to Facebook, it has more than 400 million active users across the world. Some estimates say Twitter ended 2009 with over 75 million user accounts.

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iPhone set to surpass BlackBerry in mobile market: Forbes

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A customer displays an Apple iPhone 3GS at an Apple store. File photo

Apple’s iPhone is set to overtake Research In Motion’s BlackBerry in the global smart phone market by next year, according to Forbes online.

Currently, BlackBerry enjoys about three percent of the world’s mobile phone market, while Apple’s has about two percent share of the market. But BlackBerry’s lead over iPhone is shrinking and Apple will overtake RIM by early next year, Forbes said Friday.

“We expect Apple’s market share to overtake that of RIM by 2011, and for Apple and RIM to have 11 % and 8% market share, respectively, by the end of Trefis forecast period,” the online issue said.

Trefis has been defined as a new financial platform to know how a company’s products impact its stock.

“We believe sales of the iPhone will eventually outpace BlackBerry sales,” Forbes said.

Giving its reasons, Forbes online said, “Apple’s ecosystem of consumer products (Macs, iPad, Apple TV) and services (iTunes, iPhones apps) make the iPhone a more attractive phone for many consumers compared to the BlackBerry.”

“End of AT&T exclusivity will give Apple’s iPhone wider distribution in the US (comparable to BlackBerry distribution). iPhone is making inroads with business customers that have traditionally preferred the BlackBerry.”

Both the wireless giants have made big gains since 2007, with iPhone increasing its market share from 0.3 percent to 2 percent, and BlackBerry going up from one percent to about three percent.

The Canadian icon BlackBerry captured the world’s corporate market because of secure messaging.

However, with Apple’s sleek iPhone gaining the consumer market, the numbers game is slowly slipping away from the BlackBerry.

Given Apple’s marketing muscle, online reach and multiple cutting-edge products with synergy, analysts say it is only a matter of time before the iPhone overtakes the BlackBerry in the global smart phone market.

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Dress Shirt with Built-In Microfiber Cloth

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I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wiping off the LCD on my DSLR or point-and-shoot with my clothes. The unseemly but common practice of wiping gadgets with clothes is exactly what FIFT, a husband and wife design team in Japan, had in mind when they designed the ‘Wipe Shirt‘.

This practical (but probably unfashionable) button down shirt has microfiber built into either the cuff or the shirttail, and allows you to clean your gadgets (and glasses) as you naturally would:

While cleaning your LCD screen might be perfect for this unique shirt, you probably wouldn’t want to touch anything more sensitive (i.e. your lens) with this, despite it being microfiber.

You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for ¥13,650 (~$148.5) straight from Japan.

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How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend !

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  1. Step1

    Take some time to grieve for your recent loss as break ups often need a certain amount of time to heal before trying to move on. Gather everything that reminds you of your ex-girlfriend and take a night and wallow in your own self pity and misery. Consider this a memorial service to your relationship

  2. Step2

    Ask your friends to go out with you one night so you can have a good time and laugh to get your mind off of your recent break up. Make yourself look really sexy since it will help your self esteem to be more elevated and will draw more positive energy toward you.

  3. Step3

    Refrain from listening to any songs that you listened to with your girlfriend. Music is often very memory provoking and can be difficult to endure. Steer clear of any places you used to frequent at least until the sad phase of the mourning process is over.

  4. Step4

    Meet someone who you would consider to be a good rebound friend. It doesn’t have to be a purely sexual relationship nor does it need to be purely platonic. However it should be someone you are attracted to so you can rebuild your confidence in relationships. Be wary of talking about your ex-girlfriend too much, since it is often a turn off but feel free to vent your feelings about your past relationship.


Find a girlfriend or someone to date with a complete opposite vibe than your last relationship. If you are used to dating blonds, find a brunette; if you like girls who are into chemistry, find someone who is very bad at math. You will change your energetic attraction by looking your opposite.

Tips & Warnings

  • Work out to get your mind off of your recent relationship woes. Exercise is good for releasing endorphins and improving energy which is crucial during a breakup.
  • Immerse yourself in your friendships or hobbies to find something different to channel your pent up energy into. It would be a great time to finish that short story you’ve been working on for 3 years.
  • Do not channel your energy into anonymous or strings of casual sex affairs unless you are sure you know who you are sleeping with.

How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

ex girlfriend

It’s difficult to answer. How do you get over your ex girlfriend?

I guess that we have all been there at some point in our lives.

Relationship starts. Everything’s good. Suddenly, everything isn’t so good. And you break up. That’s life!

I have had my share of it, so I speak from experience here.

You have probably shared lots of good times, and now it’s gone.

No more holding hands, no more crawling in close when it’s cold outside, no more kisses under the moonlight, no more anything.

For some it’s easier to accept than others. But I don’t think anyone like breaking up.

love through fence

Personally, after about 2-3 weeks, I will completely stop thinking about her. Well, not completely, she’s still “my ex”, but I’m by no means sad about the fact that we’re not together anymore.

Soon, I’ll meet another girl, twice as nice, and it’s all uphill from here with happiness. Life’s strange isn’t it?

walking alone

Why it’s important to be sad at first

This might not work for everyone, but I can only conclude stuff from my own experience, so that’s what I’m going to do.

The reason I choose to be sad at first, is to take control. It’s my choice , she has nothing to do with it. Not directly, anyway.

In my opinion it’s really bad to try to run from your feelings, because you will feel sad. Best just to admit it and let it out.

After those few days, you will also realize that someone that made you so sad, wasn’t right for you. This is also important.

So now to wrap it up, I would like to know one thing.

How do you get over an ex girlfriend / handle a break up?

Let’s start a discussion here!

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Indian Premier League (IPL) – Teams & Players

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