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Bollywood Controversies of the Decade ( 1999 – 2009)

Aamir-Jessica: Papa kehte hai…

Aamir-Jessica: Papa kehte hai…

British journalist Jessica Hines shocked everyone with claims that her son Jaan Harry Hines, born in 2003, was fathered by none other than Aamir Khan. Aamir denied the whole thing, and the whole thing remains unresolved. Hasn’t anyone heard of a thing called Paternity Test?

Kareena-Shahid: Jab We Smooched!

Kareena-Shahid: Jab We Smooched!

Big surprise! Kareena and Shahid kiss! The couple had been very vocal about their relationship status. The MMS video of the two of them kissing became a rather unnecessary controversy in the year 2006.

Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty: Angrezi Babu, Desi Mem!

At a press conference for HIV-AIDS awareness, Hollywood star Richard Gere gave Shilpa Shetty a kiss on her cheek. All hell broke loose after that – effigies were burnt, protests were carried out and a court in Rajasthan even issued a warrant for their arrests. Fortunately, nobody was arrested and the case lies suspended for the time being.

Bipasha Basu- C Ronaldo: Corner Kiss!

Bipasha Basu- C Ronaldo: Corner Kiss!

In 2007, there was talk that everything was not quite right between one of Bollywood’s favourite couples – John and Bipasha. Then came pictures of Bipasha partying with and kissing Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The news channels were buzzing but Bipasha maintained that she’d been a fan of Cristiano for five years and that they were just friends. How original!

Aamir vs Shahrukh: Khan-ons roar!

This war has been going on quietly for as long as one can remember. From time to time, one or the other says something that reminds us of it. Like the time Aamir named his dog Shahrukh. Or when Shahrukh was asked by a journalist what he would do if he woke up one day as Aamir. His reply: “I would tell the world that Shahrukh is the better actor.” Keeping it going, fellas!

Shahid-Kareena-2: Yeh Ishq Haay..!

One day Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were the “it” couple of Bollywood, appearing in movies and talk shows together. The next, they had delivered a mega hit of a movie and broken up! Suddenly, Saif Ali Khan entered the picture and swept Kareena off her feet. Nope, not the kind of love stories Hindi movies are made of.

Shiney Ahuja: Sins-erly Yours!

Shiney Ahuja: Sins-erly Yours!

In June 2009, audiences were shocked when reports surfaced that up and coming actor Shiney Ahuja had been accused of rape by his maid servant. First, he claimed it was consensual, then he apparently confessed to raping the maid. Shiney was thrown behind bars for three months and is currently out on bail. If convicted, he’ll face a minimum jail sentence of three years.

SRK @ Newark: Whose name is Khan?

SRK @ Newark: Whose name is Khan?

Shahrukh had gone to attend an Independence Day function in the US when he was held for two hours at the Newark airport. The controversy arising from this, however, lingered on. Phone statements were made, press conferences were held and many-a-speculation took place. As with everything else in Bollywood, it soon died a natural death.


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