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PM Modi ki parda fash…..

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Love your Life

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Secret of Happy Life ❤️

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Move on in Life 💔

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Lesson’s of Life

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Seven Never To Do Things When You Are Drunk

Drinking Alcoholic Drinks may be fun, but ensure that you don’t have to bear the consequences.

Drunk driving
This one is extremely serious. Not only are you risking your own life, but also that of the others in the car and those who are out on the road or in other vehicles. Make sure that you either take a cab back home or have a sober friend who can take over the task. It’s not macho to drive when you are drunk.

Click pictures and upload them online
You do lose inhibitions when you are drunk, but if your drunken revelry finds its way online, it may cause a lot of trouble. Pictures that are loaded online can never be completely wiped off. You wouldn’t want your boss to see your party pictures, right?

Drunk texting
Whether it’s your friend or someone you are interested in, don’t start a conversation with someone when you are drunk. You never know when your rather ‘high’ spirits may get you into some big trouble.

Get flirtatious with a stranger
Beauty does lie in the eye of the beerholder, but the illusion is bound to wear off once the beer haze passes away. You may end up regretting your actions the morning after your drunken revelry and do what is known as the ‘walk of shame’.

Talk to your ex
Most people get highly emotional after a few drinks and dialling your ex will seem to be the perfect solution. Resist that temptation. It never helps to keep blabbering when you are high. In fact, you may end up quashing all chances of resurrecting your relationship with your drunken talk.

Respond to anything that’s work-related
Well, you really don’t want to mix business with pleasure. Sometimes, it is necessary to use a certain language while writing an official mail and you may just type things that you don’t mean to. Ensure that your drunken state doesn’t affect your career.

Get into a fight
When drunk, you may think that anyone who disagrees with you is committing a crime. But that is not the time to go about serving justice. Make sure that spats stay verbal and don’t reach the physical level. You may not just end up with a black eye, but also a broken bone or two.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S vs. LG G Pro 2

Samsung new Galaxy S5 has finger print login,heart rate monitor and 16 MP camera with flash.. We compare the new phone with two of its top competitors, LG’s newly announced G Pro 2, and the wildly popular iPhone 5S. Take a look at the specs below and decide for yourself which phone fits your needs.

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Thought of the Day

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3 Simple Rules of Life

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